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  • IDEA's Agenda
    14th December
    Christmas Revue 

    Loc: Vrije School Dordrecht
    30th January
    1st February
    2nd February
    Sleeping Beauty

    the Panto 2020

    Loc: Theater Cascade

    Tickets Available NOW!!!

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We are constantly on the lookout for new members interested in writing, design, setbuilding, costumes, stage management, performing, direction, PR and front-of-house.

All productions, from rehearsal through to performance, are carried out in English. It is therefore expected that all members are willing and able to speak and be understood in English.

When in production, rehearsals are held once a week at the Cascade Theater in Hendrik Ido Ambacht on Wednesday evenings starting at 20.00. If you like us on Facebook, you'll get the latest information on rehearsals, shows and events: www.facebook.com/idea.dramagroup 


Welcome, come in and join us ! Don't be scared, Bob just had his make-up done.









































Our group is governed by an elected committee who are burdened with all matters concerning the running of the drama group. For every large production, a 'production team' is formed and they are charged with all that is necessary to ensure the success of the show.

If you wish to join us or if you have any questions regarding I.D.E.A. please email us at mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • International Drama Group for English Speaking Associates

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    I.D.E.A. was formed initially in 1992 as a means to allow English speaking people in the area of Dordrecht to participate in the production and performance of amateur theatricals. The major form of production was and still is the annual Christmas panto - a form which is unknown outside the UK. Over the years we have produced pantos (written by our own members) virtually every year, much to the enjoyment of the English resident population and to the delight of many Dutch people, who join in wholeheartedly.