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Beauty and the Beast

In January 2017 we were proud to perform our panto Beauty and the Beast in the Cascade Theatre in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht.

Marjan Collins 20170129 E



'Beauty and the Beast’ – the magical panto!

A classic story about love, courage, sacrifice and battling on, despite everything life throws at you. A show for all ages, full of song, dance, fun and laughter!

The story starts when the young (and rather arrogant…) King Tom is turned into an ugly Beast by Delilah, a scorned witch with a short temper.
Delilah makes sure this spell can only be overturned if someone loves the Beast unconditionally. But who will be able to love this monstrous and
growling creature? Good fairy Tulip and her apprentice Dandilion will do anything to reverse the spell cast by this Delilah, but they are going to
need the help of the Smith family. Father Smith has three daughters, Ivy, Nightshade and Beauty, the fairest of the three. The fairies come up
with a daring plan, and it works: Beauty meets the Beast, and the Beast falls in love with her! But is this love mutual? Will Beauty be able to see
his friendliness and love underneath all that ugliness? Will she save the king?? Come see the show, and find out for yourself!

Photo: Marjan Collins

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