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Upcoming Events

Peter Pan the Panto 
Tickets available now !!!

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I.D.E.A. presents.. “Peter Pan the Panto”! A crazy adventure filled with pirates, aliens, lost girls & more. Aliens?
Yes you read that right! It’s the famous story we all know so well but with a ‘panto twist’!

Wendy, Michael & John go on a wonderful trip to Neverland with Peter Pan and his best friend Tinkerbell.
Everything seems amazing but LOOK OUT! Captain Hook and his pirates are always around the corner
creating all kinds of trouble. They even kidnapped Wendy!! Do you think Peter Pan and his friends can save her?
Or will Captain Hook succeed this time? Find out during this spectacular show for young and old.
And be warned: everyone is encouraged to hiss and yell at the ‘baddies’ and the ‘goodies’.
Audience participation is essential - the louder the better!

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