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Past Productions

Over the years we have produced pantos virtually every year; the annual Christmas panto is without a doubt our biggest production. Our other productions are held to introduce new members, to bridge the gap between pantos, and to raise funds.

We have produced numerous revues, musicals, participated in a staged version of My Fair Lady at the Kunstmin Theatre in Dordrecht, and staged one-act plays at the Berckepoort and Inter Amicos Theatres in Dordrecht. In 2007 we performed a piece for the 'Fringe' in the FEATS festival in Den Haag. We have also put on a serious play for the 'Drechtsteden festival'.

Our previous productions in the last ten years:

Jan 1995 Aladdin
Jan 1996 Cinderella
Jan 1997 Sleeping Beauty
Feb 1998 Santa in Space
Mar 1999 Potty Panto
Jan 2000 Jack and the Beanstalk
Jul 2000 Oliver!
Sep 2000 Shirley Valentine
Jan 2001 Sinbad
May 2001 A Devillish good IDEA
Feb 2002 Dick Whittington
Jun 2002 An Evening with Janet & John
Feb 2003 Beauty and the Beast
May 2003 English Shorts
Feb 2004 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
May 2004 Young IDEA production; The Spider and the Bird
Jun 2004 English Shorts 2004
Jan 2005 Babes in the Wood
Jun 2005 Wizard of Oz
Feb 2006 Little Red Riding Hood
May 2006 Reflections
Jan 2007 Cinderella
May 2007 FEATS Festival (Fringe entry); Emporium 2
Jun 2007 Drechtsteden Festival; The Train
Jul 2007 Mini Showstoppers
Feb 2008 Chaos in Pantoland
Jun 2008 That's Entertainment!
Jun 2008 Drechtsteden Festival; The 15 Minute Hamlet
Jan 2009 Treasure Island
Jun 2009 Drechtsteden Festival; Watch this Space (Award winning!)
Jul 2009 Spoonful of Music
Jan 2010 Sleeping Beauty
Jun 2010 The Show Must Go On
Feb 2011 Aladdin
May 2011 Drechtsteden Festival; Bumble's Women
Jun 2011 An Evening with Dickens
Feb 2012 Jack and the Beanstalk
May 2012 FEATS Festival; Airfield
Jun 2012 20 Years of Good IDEAs
Feb 2013 Robinson Crusoe
Jun 2013 Bright IDEAs
Feb 2014 King Arthur of Camelot
Apr 2014 April Follies
Jun 2014 Musical Madness
Feb 2015 Puss in Boots
Apr 2015 IDEAs April Plays 2015
Jun 2015 Summer Show 2015
Feb 2016 Santa in Space
Feb 2017 Beauty and the Beast
Jan 2018 The Snow Queen
Jun 2018 The Jubilee show 25th anniversary IDEA
Jan 2019 Sinbad the Sailor
Jun 2019 SummerSpectecular
Jan 2020 Sleeping Beauty