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We are constantly on the lookout for new members interested in writing, design, setbuilding,
costumes, stage management, performing, direction, PR and front-of-house.
All productions, from rehearsal through to performance, are carried out in English.
It is therefore expected that all members are willing and able to speak and be understood in English.

When in production, rehearsals are held once a week at the Cascade Theater in Hendrik Ido Ambacht on Wednesday evenings starting at 20.00.
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I.D.E.A  Members Overview
(per September 2020)
Adult Member
All members age 25 and older.
Contribution: € 155,-
Student Member
All members between 16 and 24.
Contribution: € 60,-
Young Member
Members from age 8 to 15.
Contribution: € 40,-
Donor Member/Friends of IDEA
Anybody can join the Friends of IDEA. If you like our group and want to support us, become a friend of IDEA. You help us out with a small donation and you will be informed about upcoming shows and
activities and get a 5 euro discount on the Panto and Summershow.  As a friend of IDEA, you don’t need to help out at shows/activities but you are more than welcome to. See the list of volunteer jobs below.
Contribution: Minimum of € 25,-  ( feel free to donate more, we can always use your support)
You would like to help out at a show/activity or for preparing a show but are not active as a
committee member or performer and don’t want to be a Friend of IDEA.
Make sure we have your details and can inform you about upcoming events and help needed.
Volunteer jobs:
- Making costumes
- Making props
- Pulling purtains
- Front of house
- Backstage help
- Make-up
- Catering
- etc...

If you wish to join us or if you have any questions regarding I.D.E.A. please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We will invite you to our next rehearsal and can join in to feel the atmosphere of the group.